Alimentacao Low Carb Para Iniciantes - O que voce Precisa Saber sobre a Dieta Low Carb

Todas as comidas consumidos pelos seres humanos podem ser divididos em 3 grandes grupos: proteinas, gorduras e carboidratos.
Carboidratos sao essencialmente acucares e amido - aqui estao alguns exemplos de comidas com alto teor de carboidratos:


  • graos (por exemplo, trigo, arroz) e produtos a base de graos (como pao, cereais, massa)

  • doces e produtos com altos niveis de acucar adicionado (como bolos, chocolate, refrigerantes)

  • batatas, vegetais com raizes amilaceas (como cenouras, nabo), amido (por exemplo, bananas)

  • frutas doces (como laranjas, uvas, macas) e sucos de frutas


Dietas com pequeno teor de carboidratos restringem a quantidade de calorias que voce obteria desses alimentos. Voce nao teria que elimina-los completamente, porem e provavel que consuma menos deles do que com uma dieta usando baixo teor de massa gorda ou um regime alimentar generica com restricao calorica.
A quantidade de proteina e trigliceridos consumida em uma Dieta baixa em carboidratos provavelmente sera maior que em uma dieta padrao.

Veja mais a respeito da receita low carb almoco



Entao, como funciona a dieta low carb?

Carboidratos sao geralmente processados pelo organismo como uma fonte de energia, e tambem podem vir a ser armazenados como massa gorda se nao forem usados. Restringir o consumo por carboidratos faz com de que seu corpo mude para um estado metabolico diferente chamado cetose, em de que seu corpo comeca a ingerir gordura como energia.
Existe tambem uma vantagem metabolica adicional, pois seu organismo precisa usar calorias extras para processar grandes quantidades de proteina. Por fim, ingerir muita proteina ajuda voce a se ficar com satisfeito por mais tempo, tornando mais facil consumir menos energia no geral.



Esse tipo de Cardapio e adequado para mim?

Dieta low-carb pode ser uma boa solucao se qualquer um dos pontos abaixo se aplicar a voce:


  • Voce tende a ficar com apetite muitas vezes ao longo do dia, as vezes pouco depois de deter uma refeicao

  • Voce costuma se sentir cansado e lento depois de ter uma grande refeicao

  • O visitante muitas vezes experimenta inchaco e indigestao

  • Voce nao tem tempo nem disposicao para contar calorias ou pontos

  • Voce gosta de comer carne, peixe, frango, queijo, ovos e outros alimentos ricos em proteinas

  • Voce tentou outro genero de dietas, mas nao conseguiu desaproveitar peso




Beneficios da dieta low carb para iniciantes

Primeiro de tudo, as dietas low-carb certamente funcionam. Se voce fizer isso corretamente e adotar o plano de Dieta escolhido, voce perdera peso e, provavelmente, descobrira de que isso esta acontecendo de maneira mais facil e rapida do que em uma dieta padrao.
Voce nao vai acabar sentindo apetite o tempo todo, como pode ser o caso de uma dieta com pouca gordura ou usando restricao calorica. Alem disso, muitas pessoas tambem relatam uma melhora em sua propria digestao, saude geral e bem-estar.

Vegan Delicious Chocolate Cookies - Loving It Vegan

Banana bread breakfast cookies. Normally I'd say regular biscuits, but since these taste like banana bread AND oatmeal, so I am really quite in love. And when chocolate chips are thrown in the mix? OMG!

Plus they only take 15 minutes to make and also clock in at about 60 calories each cookie. YES!

This really isn't even a recipe. It is me telling you how to mix two items together for sweet satisfaction that you don't need to feel guilty about.

For reals. No weird processed ingredients from a box. Virtually all natural stuff.

Dairy free. Gluten Free (utilize GF yogurt ). Nut free. Vegan. Vegetarian. I think they're a good breakfast (or healthier treat!) For whoever you are. That is unless you are allergic to bananas or oats. Sorry!

The possibilities are endless with these small bites! Consider adding in some of the next to create it your own?

vanilla extract

Vanilla beans

Chocolate chips

Peanut The New York Times' (Vegan) Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Well ... butter chips

Peanut butter



dried cranberries


Chopped walnuts, almond or pecans

coconut flakes

cocoa nibs

Hope you like a cookie or two to get breakfast! xoxo

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1 cookie

Calories: 60

Fat: .8g

Carbohydrates: 12.4gram

Sugar: 2.1g

Fiber: 1.7g 10 Healthier Cookies for Your Cookie Swap : Food Network Food ...


Protein: 1.4gram

Prep time: 5 mins

Total time: 15 mins


Banana and oats bake together to make simple breakfast biscuits that tasty such as banana bread!


2 large bananas, mashed

2 cups view website gluten free yoghurt

If desired you can add in some of these:

vanilla extract

Vanilla beans

Chocolate chips

Peanut butter chips


dried cranberries


Chopped walnuts, almond or pecans

coconut flakes

cocoa nibs


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Put yogurt in blender or food processor and blend until oats act as the consistency of flour; it is okay if it's not absolutely soil.

In large bowl combined mashed banana oats until smooth. Add 1/2 cup of your favorite add in; I used dark chocolate chips and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Spray baking sheet with non stick spray. Drop dough by big spoon onto cookie sheet; then squirt a bit with a rubber spatula. Makes about 16 biscuits.

2-Ingredient Banana Oat Meal Morning Meal Cookies - Clean & Delightful.

How can baking biscuits ever be rapid? You usually have to obtain a scale, then carefully measure out all the ingredients, caress the dough for ages, cut out little cookies in your heart, star and moon shapes and then wait the next century'til they are baked.

NEVER EVER would I bake cookies under these conditions. That is just not how I roll. But I came across those Banana Oatmeal Fitness Cookies (that is what I call them, anyway.)

Okay, they don't taste just like the cookies you receive round Christmas time. Rather they are a little more gooey and do not crumble at all.

However, what mostly convinced me was that you could have them prepared in 25 minutes including the baking time! No shit.

Probably the most astonishing thing about the cookies is that they call for just two ingredients! Yep that is right, and anyone can combine two components.

Though in case you want to make them tastier and/or fitter you can pimp them up with some add ons such as peppers, walnuts or cinnamon. That is up to you!

It sounds more and more like a sales pitch (it is not -- nobody is gont cover me should you consume them), but I have to mention yet another amazing thing about these cookies.

They are tasty! Yep, after I'd had the very first I finished the rest inside one hour.

They are ideal for hiking excursions or other occasions where you will need a quick pleasant bite on the go. Now I keep these as a quick bite in my backpack.

It must also be mentioned that they're vegan. No eggs, no milk, no none of the regular cookie supposes. Just oats and bananas.

Banana Oatmeal Fitness Cookies.

Take oats such as. Not only do they reduce your cholesterol levels which in turn can help you stop developing heart disease or diabetes, but in addition they energize you with great carbohydrates and nutrients to keep you going for more during the day.

Those nutrients contain manganese, good for bone production and skin ethics as well as magnesium -- significant for energy generation to cause you to feel more awake

Much like bananas -- the favourite fruit among athletes -- not only cause they contain a decent number of good carbs but also for being the big players in the potassium game.

Potassium is a very important nutrient for preventing tiredness and muscle cramps. Pretty good if you've got a hard day ahead of you.

Since you can see, I'm a huge fan.

Here is an illustration of if I could have done with a couple of these cookies. Regrettably, I didn't have them .

Have you ever been stuck somewhere in nature and thought"damn I am in trouble" ? If so, where? I Wish to really go

Banana Oatmeal Fitness Cookies


two Ingredient Cookies. Best for when you need an energy boost on the go. Enjoy!

Course Snack

Cuisine Vegan

Prep Time 10 min

Cook Time 15 minutes

Total Time 25 minutes

Servings 12

biscuits (approximately )

litres 43 kcal


2 ripe bananas

1 cup rolled oats (oatmeal or porridge oats operate really nicely )

Optional: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut Oil. Palm Oil Free Recipe

2 tsp cinnamon

1 small number raisins

1 little handful walnuts, crumbled

1 small number sesame seeds, toasted

You may add pretty much whatever you enjoy!


Preheat the oven to 180°C (360°F)

Take a bowl and mash the carrots until they're mushy

Insert the cup of oats and any of the optional ingredients

Stir until all is well mixed

Place baking paper on the tray so the cookies do not adhere. If you do not possess this make sure to wash the baking dish with butter (or olive oil if you are vegetarian )

To make the cookie contour simply grab a spoon and garnish a decent sum from the mix onto the baking tray like I did in the photo this above. It's super quick and easy.

Away it goes into the oven for approximately 15 - 20 minutes.


Recipe Notes

EQUIPMENT: You just need a strong baking tray and some parchment paper, trendy as. Options

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